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Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative

Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative

Services & Fees


Since 1989, the Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative (CRMC) has proudly provided quality professional development and resources to area K-12 mathematics teachers, as well as to preservice teachers, within a 65-mile radius of Columbus.  Below you will see an outline of the fee structure of our services and their costs.  The CRMC Director will be happy to assist in determining which services best meet the needs of your teachers, schools, and system.  

Services provided by the Math Collaborative:

  • 1.5 hr, on-site workshops
  • Half-day, on-site workshops
  • Full-day, on-site workshops
  • CRMC-sponsored workshops (Content is determined by the CRMC Math Specialists according to state course of study.)
  • Demonstration lessons in the classroom (Math Specialists will engage students in mathematics lessons at grade-appropriate levels while the teacher of record is observing.)
  • Assistance with lesson planning
  • Assistance with Georgia Alternate Assessment
  • Special consultations (e.g., System or School Administrators, unit planning, examine and evaluate curricular materials)
  • Special collaborations (e.g., Art & Math, Music & Math, etc.)
  • Assistance with Math Nights
  • Assistance STEM or STEAM Days
  • Parent Workshops (Limit 25 parents per workshop)
  • Mentor/Mentee consultations - CRMC Math Specialists will mentor selected teachers (as determined by system personnel) throughout the school year to assist with mathematics instruction and lesson planning. Limit 8 visits per mentee.
  • Access to CRMC resource library materials for loan
  • Email/Phone contact by CRMC Math Specialists
  • Topic-specific training (e.g., using manipulatives, graphing calculators, math technology, etc.)


Fee Schedule for FY 2018-2019

FY 2018-2019 Fees will be posted soon.  Please check back or call 706-565-1474 for information.





On-site workshop, 1.25 hrs



Limit 25 attendees

On-site, half-day workshop, 3.5 hrs     Limit 25 attendees
On-site, full-day workshop, 7 hrs     Limit 25 attendees
CRMC-sponsored all-day workshop     per teacher
Classroom demonstration lesson     per lesson
Assistance with Math Night     cost per station
STEM Day session     cost per session
Mentor/Mentee consultation     Limit 8 on-site visits per mentee
Special Collaborations & Consultations     per hour


Packages are intended to provide K-12, system-wide services for systems within a 65-mile radius of Columbus, Georgia.  Packages can be purchased for one scholastic year at a time—beginning on the first teacher day and ending on May 31.  Services requested prior to the first teacher day and subsequent to May 31 are considered summer work and can be purchased separately.  Fees for professional development provided through Improving Teacher Quality Grants, administered by the University of Georgia, and other grant-funded activity are not included in packages.  Systems outside of the 65-mile radius of Columbus, GA, may contact us for pricing.

The CRMC will submit an up-to-date monthly report of services rendered.  The CRMC and each contracted system will share responsibility for ensuring delivery of purchased services.

Base fees cover incidental costs (e.g., replacing lost or damaged CRMC materials that were loaned, purchase of additional materials for loan).