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Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative

Services & Fees


Since 1989, the Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative (CRMC) has proudly provided quality professional development, support, and resources to area K-12 mathematics teachers, as well as to preservice teachers, within a 65-mile radius of Columbus.  Below you will see an outline of services offered and their costs.  The CRMC Director will be happy to assist in determining which services best meet the needs of your teachers, schools, and system.  

Services provided by the Math Collaborative:

➢ On-site professional development, 1.5 hrs – limit 25 attendees
     On-site professional development, 3.5 hrs – limit 25 attendees
     On-site professional development, 7 hrs – limit 25 attendees
               o These are professional development sessions designed in consultation with the client in order to meet their specific needs.

➢ Classroom demonstration lesson with debriefing
               o This is a single classroom lesson designed to meet the needs of a particular teacher or department. It is important that it be paired with an immediate debriefing (15-20 min) with the teacher or department.

➢ Consultation
               o This is a meeting with a teacher, administrator or department to discuss, mentor, or collaborate on curricular needs or classroom activities utilizing the CRMC resource teachers' expert knowledge.

➢ Mentor/mentee partnership – limit 8 on-site or electronic visits per mentee
               o This is sustained professional development provided to a particular teacher. It will include demonstration lessons, observations and/or consultations to meet the needs of the teacher. M/M partnership has been useful in improving teacher effectiveness and student readiness.

➢ Slots in CRMC-sponsored, school year, all-day teacher workshop

➢ Slots in CRMC-sponsored summer teacher workshop

➢ Math Night Station – each station tailored to the needs of the school

➢ STEM/STEAM Day visit – per single classroom session for each STEM/STEAM Day

➢ Access to CRMC Resource Library materials for loan (math manipulatives, children's literature, educational books, professional journals, etc.)

➢ E-mail / phone assistance from CRMC Resource Teachers

Services are intended to provide support and professional learning during the scholastic year, system-wide, for K-12 teachers, beginning on the first teacher day and ending on May 31. Services requested prior to the first teacher day and subsequent to May 31 are considered summer work and can be purchased separately.

CRMC and each contracted system will share responsibility for ensuring delivery of purchased services.

Base fees (5%) cover incidental costs (ex: copies or materials provided, replacing lost or damaged CRMC materials that were loaned, purchase of additional materials for loan).


Fee Schedule for FY 2019-2020






On-site, professional learning session, 1.5 hrs



Limit 25 attendees

On-site, half-day, professional learning session, 3.5 hrs $900.00  $720.00  Limit 25 attendees
On-site, full-day, professional development session, 7 hrs $1,750.00  $1,400.00  Limit 25 attendees
Classroom demonstration lesson $125.00 $100.00 cost per lesson
CRMC-sponsored all-day workshop $120.00  $100.00  cost per teacher
Assistance with Math Night $120.00 $100.00 cost per station
STEM / STEAM Day session $120.00 $100.00  cost per session
Mentor/Mentee consultation $1,000.00  $800.00  Limit 8 on-site or electronic visits per Mentee
Parent workshop, school-based, 1.5 hrs $150.00  $120.00  Limit 25 attendees
Special Collaborations & Consultations (ex: Art, Reading, GAA, Admin, Curriculum) $95.00  $72.00  cost per hour

  CLICK HERE to download a copy of the FY 2020 Fee Schedule.